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“Liiisa Buti ne UTL” (X-MAS OFFER)


What is ‘Liisa Buti” Product all about?

It is a product that was developed for new Subscribers/joiners. It was done to facilitate affordable and easy communication to our customers this festive season.

When was the product launched?

The product was launched on 23rd November 2017

How do I get to enjoy the product?

You just have to buy a new Sim card from any outlet/seller or our service centers, all new sim cards come with the product.

How much does the new sim card that comes with the product cost?

The sim card costs only 1000/=.

What benefits does the ‘Liisa Buti” product come with?

60 days of FREE UTL to UTL calls,

FREE 1,000/= Msente

FREE bill payments for 60 days.

Send and receive Msente for FREE for 60 days,

120 FREE UTL to UTL sms

120mbs of data

What is the validity of the above benefits?

All benefits attached to the new sim card expire after 60 days.

Can one share their bonus/benefits with another person/number

No, Bonuses cannot be shared.

Can I use the free calls to call landline numbers?

Yes. The free calls can call landline numbers as well.

On what profiles do the new sim cards come?

The new sim cards come with 3UGX as their profile.

If I buy a new sim card and make a number change, will i still enjoy the benefits? 

Yes, all the benefits will move to the chosen preferred number.

Can I send messages and make calls to international numbers using the bonuses? 

No, the bonus can only be used on local On-Net numbers.

How much will I be charged to call other networks?

Since the line comes on 3UGX as the profile, you will be charged 3sh per sec for calls and 99sh for SMS to other networks.

Can I use the 1000/= free balance on my Msente for any transaction

Yes. The M-sente balance can be used for any transaction of customer’s choice.

Will my bills be paid for or I will pay my bills at a zero charge?

The customer will cater/ pay for their bills at no cost/Charges. (Only charges catered for not bills).

What happens if I take my money to an Agent to send it for me to another number?

Sending charges will apply. The benefits of sending money at a free cost apply if you send it off the acquired line not through an Agent.

Can I share the 120MBS of data to another number?

No. The data received cannot be shared with another number.

What happens after the 60days end elapse?

Customer will stay on 3UGX profile where you make On-Net calls at 2.5sh per sec and Off-Net at 3sh per sec. Local messages will stay at 99sh while international messages will be at 200sh.

Can I subscribe for any service while enjoying the ‘Liisa buti’ product?

Yes. The benefits cannot stop you from subscribing for any other service or product.

Who are the targeted people to enjoy the product?

All New pre-paid mobile subscribers.

What happens if I change my profile from 3UGX to any other profile?

The subscriber forfeits the benefits.


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