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Corporate Mega Bonus

Corporate Mega Bonus is back with a bigger and more exciting offer. For 50k, you now get to enjoy 4,000 minutes of UTL to UTL calls, 120 minutes of calls to other networks, 300MBs of data and 20 SMS.

To subscribe for Corporate Mega Bonus, dial *100# and select CMB to enjoy unlimited calls to any UTL mobile or landline.

FAQs for the New CMB (Corporate Mega Bonus) 50,000shs

What is the CMB service about? 

This is the service that can enable the customer to purchase free minutes that can be used to call UTL and other networks throughout the month. One can either purchase CMB of 10,000, 15,000, 30,000 and 50,000shs.

How can I subscribe for the Service? 

One can dial *140# ok or use the self-care menu of *100#ok

How is CMB of 50,000shs different from other packages?

The customer is able to get 4000 minutes to call UTL numbers, 120 minutes to call off net numbers, 20 SMS to all networks and 300 Mbs of data.

How come I have failed to call my family and friends number yet it is a UTL number using my minutes?

Sorry, we cannot call family and friends numbers using CMB, however the family and friends charges will apply off the customer’s airtime.

Can I share my minutes with another UTL number?

Unfortunately the minutes cannot be flexishared or shared.

Can I use the free minutes to call international numbers?

The minutes are used to only call local on net and off net numbers.

Can the minutes call Landline numbers?

Yes, the minutes can call landline numbers.

Can I change my CMB package?

This is possible after the expiry of the previous package, one can subscribe to the package of their own choice.

Can I activate Kwiktok if I am using the CMB after I have used all my data that was provided?

The customer cannot activate kwiktok because they will lose the package and all its benefits. So in case the customer wants data, they can but data bundle off their airtime.

I have failed to activate CMB with response I am not eligible, what is the issue?

Once the customer has the following profiles they cannot activate any CMB package,

  • Bonga Forever
  • Bodaboda
  • Staff
  • Dealer CUG
  • Kwik Tok


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