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Recharge Extra

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Recharge Extra is a prepaid mobile product that allows one subscriber load airtime for another subscriber’s number directly with a scratch card using USSD. This service will allow our customers enjoy various ways of loading airtime.


             RE-CHARGE   X-TRA   FAQ ‘S

  1. Is the service free of charge with no extra costs ? YES


  1. Do we have recharge limits within the day or per transaction that one is not allowed to go beyond or below? NO, the subscriber can recharge for another subscriber for as many times as possible in a day


  1. Is it the sender’s number or the recipient’s number that is blocked (recharge blacklisted) in case a wrong scratch card number is sent for more than three times? The sender’s Msisdn is blocked so sub has to try again the next day to use the platform again or use flexi share or other recharging  options like 130


  1. If one recharges for a number on bonga forever profile who is eligible for the bonus, is it the sender or the recipient? The recipient receives the same benefits as a primary subscriber who has directly recharged using a scratch card


  1. If I recharge another persons account that is suspended or in tempt suspend state, will it be activated after the operation? When the account is in tempt suspend the msisdn WILL be activated after the operation. If  the account is suspended the msisdn WILL NOT  be activated after the operation


  1. Can we recharge for an on-net landline numbers also? Yes, the operation is possible


  1. Can the recharged amount be used to activate any promotion or service? Yes, the airtime can be used to normally as all normal airtime


  1. Can the recharged amount pay off a topowa debt, if yes; is it on the sender’s side or the recipients account? Yes the airtime is valid to pay any debt


  1. Is the recharged amount counted as part of the KIZZE bonus if the recipient is on KIZZE profile? Yes, the airtime is counted as a normal recharge


  1. If I sent airtime for a wrong number is it possible to be reversed back to the senders account? No, however for this before sending subscriber has to confirm  the recipient msisdn


  1. Can one recharge for off-net numbers? NO, the Platform doesn’t accept off-net MSISDNs


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