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Deposit Money

When the Msente registered subscriber wishes to increase their account balance with the E-value, they will go to any Msente agent, partner banks and UTL Service Centres. As an agent you will be able to deposit money for subscribers (registered UTL) onto their Msente mobile money account in return for the cash equivalent.
The Msente agent will process the transaction once the registered subscriber has presented:

  •  a valid identification
  • their mobile number
  • and the amount of money they wish to deposit

The agent should dial *184# and select option 2 for Deposit money.

  • Enter the subscribers mobile number (the registered UTL)
  • Re-enter the mobile number to and confirm with the customer if that is the right number.
  • Enter the amount that customer would like to deposit.
  • Confirm the amount and number that you would like to deposit the money on by selecting option 2 (yes).
  • Enter your agent account PIN (4 digits).
  • Transaction complete.

Note: both customer and agent receive confirmatory SMS notifications of the transaction for which electronic value and cash are exchanged of the required amount.