Kwik Tok
April 30, 2012
internet business
May 3, 2012


Enjoy the most affordable way to talk to friends and family.

  • Call your 1-on-1 at Ugx 3/- Per Second daily for 30 days. 1-on-1 is a number that appears first on your Family & Friends list.
  • The next 3 numbers – UTL to UTL calls cost as low as 4/= per second.
  • One number on another network – calls cost as low as 4/= per second.
  • All SMS’s on this profile whether UTL to UTL or UTL to another network costs 30/=
  • To change a number on your F&F list costs 500/- only

To register;

  • Dial *187# and follow prompts.
  • Call customer care on 100 toll free for help

NB: The number that appears 1st on the F&F list is automatically considered for the 1-on-1 offer as long as the subscriber loads a minimum of 1,000 shs in a month.

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