This is a type of broadband connection, where download speeds are higher than the upload speeds, hence the word asymmetric (which means notequal).With UTCL ADSL a client has the option of accessing 128kbps, 256kbps or 512kbps and on…

example:  qcprint@ut3 , statistics5@ut3. E.T.C

Recommended number of computers per speed bracket

  • 128kbps a client can connect up to 8 computers
  • 256kbps a client can connect up to 12 computers
  • 512kbps a client can connect up to 16 computers.


One also needs to note that with broadband accounts (ISDN and ADSL); a client is entitled to a free email account (utclonline), with a fixed quota of 20Mb.
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