Wimax Indoor Internet Connection Modem Wimax Outdoor Internet Connection Modem
  • Wimax is short for World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access
  • It operates like Wi-fi using wireless radio signal and covers a bigger WAN than Wi-fi and greater speeds. It is mean’t to replace cable DSL connection and provide broad band to remote inaccessible areas where there is no cable networks.
  • Covers an area of 3000 square miles.
  • Wimax system consists of two parts;
    • Wimax tower similar to a cell-phone tower providing coverage as big as 3000 square miles.
    • Wimax receiver- receiver and an antenna could be a small box or PCMCIA card or they could be built into a laptop the way wi-fi is today
  • Wimax provides two forms of wireless service.
    • Non-line-of-sight. Where a small antenna on your pc connects to a wimax tower using low frequency radio signal (2GHz-11GHz) similar to wifi.
    • Line-of-sight,(back haul). Where a fixed dish antenna points straight at the wimax tower from a roof top or pole.
  • This radio connection is stronger and more stable so its able to send a lot of data.
Some of the advantages;
  • Links inaccessible areas to broadband internet
    -Gives access to WLANs like hotspots
    -Smart and easy mobile connections
    -Cheap as doesn’t require cabling
    -Allow VPN creation etc
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