Simply dial * 100 * 4 # to purchase any of the great internet bundles in the menu or  preferably use the USSD codes below;


Capacity Validity Tariff (VAT inclusive) USSD Code
10MB Daily 200 /= *100*4#
25MB Daily 350 /= *100*4#
50MB Daily 600 /= *100*4#
100MB Weekly 2,000 /= *100*4#
500MB Monthly 8,000 /= *100*4#
1GB Monthly 12,000 /= *100*4#
3GB Monthly 25,000 /= *100*4#
10GB Monthly 45,000 /= *100*4#



What is GPRS?

GPRS is a General Packet Radio Service. It is a more advanced, faster and more affordable way to get Internet content on your mobile phone.

Difference between GSM data and GPRS.

GSM data was used before GPRS but was found to be slow and more expensive as one needs to use a call data system to remain online. This is characterized as a call but GPRS will be online and one is charged for what he downloads NOT the time he keeps online like GSM data does.

What is WAP?

WAP is a wireless application protocol, this enables one to browse www pages on his phone, however one will have trouble to use his phone as a modem to connect to their PC, Note that note all wap capable phone can access WEB.

What is WEB?

Here subscribers can access www pages on their phones and even browse deeper into sites, with web one can use his phone as a modem to a pc with ease.


  • Make sure you have a compatible phone Get the correct settings Manually or have them sent by your service provider
  • Save the settings and you are set

Note: UTCL sim card should be with enough airtime.

Will I be charged for both incoming and outgoing data?


If I take long downloading information, will it increase the cost?      


Can I receive and send attachments?

YES for devices that can support this

IPv4 and IPv6 [Internet Protocol Version 4 and Internet Protocol version 6


This is the fourth iteration of the Internet Protocol (IP) and it is the first version of the protocol to be widely deployed. IPv4 is the dominant network layer protocol on the Internet and apart from IPv6 it is the only protocol used on the Internet.  Ipv4 []


Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a network layer protocol for packet-switched internet works. It is designated as the successor of IPv4, the current version of the Internet Protocol, for general use on the Internet.


Enhanced Data rates for GSM(Global System for Mobile communication) Evolution (EDGE) or Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS), is a digital mobile phone technology that allows to increase data transmission rate and improve data transmission reliability.

Difference between utwap and utweb
The fundamental difference between the two is that for wap, a phone is able to access a website but it will filter most of the content and give you what you need. So this means that the phone will for instance not display most sites as they are not wap sites.

On the other hand a web enabled phone will get out an entire website in its entirety. This will come out just as it would on any given desktop or laptop computer. Note that not all phones are web-phones most of these are higher end or latest 3rd generation phones capable of doing this

Always remember
Always remember these simple facts on GRRS settings. They will help you when configuring the phones.

IP Address:
Access Point name:      It can be utwap, utweb, utwap.3g depending on the settings used (always insert the ip address when using utwap)
Username & Password:    Always leave this area blank

Data bearer:  Most phones will ask you this, you need to choose on either analogue or ISDN. Choose ISDN. Some phones have GSM data and GPRS choose GPRS

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