1. What is the procedure of buying Data Bundles with UTL?

Dial *100# ok and follow prompts (Buy for Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

  1. What is the minimum and maximum data bundle one can purchase with UTL?

You can buy from as low as 10MB daily at 200/= to 10GB monthly at 45,000/=

  1. Can I buy a data Bundle for another number?

Yes, by dialing *100# ok then follow prompts

  1. When does your Data Bundle expire?

Daily bundle bundles expire at midnight, well as weekly and monthly expire after the stated period

  1. How many times can I buy bundles in a day?

As many times as you can as long as you have airtime on the line

  1. Can I share data with another UTL number?

Yes by dialing *100# ok then follow prompts

  1. Is there a limit to the amount of internet data bundles that I can Share Data in a day?

The maximum that you are allowed to Share Data in a day is 1000MB (1 GB)

  1. Can I borrow data Bundles with UTL?

No. unfortunately you can’t, you will be updated when the service is added

  1. Can I be compensated if my data bundle expires before usage?

No. you are supposed to use the bundle with in the configured time frame

  1. If I activate a daily bundle when I already have a weekly or monthly package, what happen?

Unfortunately the daily bundle will override the monthly thus loose the monthly package.

  1. Are all profiles eligible to activate data Bundles?

Yes, all customers on all profiles are able to activate data Bundles.

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