1. What is Data Share?

This is a service that allows customers to transfer Mobile Data Bundles from one mobile number to another.

One is able to Share Mobile Data bundles using the following procedures

Dial *100*5#

Select share Internet

Enter the mobile number you want to Share Data (of recipient)

Enter amount of data bundles to Share in MBs (10-1000)

  1. Is it possible to Share daily mobile data bundles?

Yes, Daily mobile data bundles can be shared anytime, anywhere.

  1. What is the minimum Mobile data bundle that I can Share?

The minimum is 10MB internet data bundles.

  1. What is the maximum amount of Mobile data bundle that I can Share at any one time?

The maximum amount that can be transferred at once is 1000MB

  1. Can I Share Mobile Data bundle of any amount between 10MB and 1000MB?

Yes, Mobile Data bundle can be shared for any amounts e.g. i.e., 33MB, 29MB etc.

  1. Is there a limit to the amount of Mobile data bundles that I can Share in a day?

The maximum that you are allowed to Share in a day is 1000MBs

  1. Is it possible to Share all your Mobile Data present on my mobile number?

One should remain with a minimum of 10MB on their mobile number.

  1. Can I Share Mobile Data FREE bundle e.g. Data bundles that I get or redeem after purchasing a phone?

No, Bonus / Promotional data bundles cannot be shared.

  1. If I Shared Mobile Data with a number that has another bundle present on it, what will be the expiry date of the bundles on the receiving line?

The expiry date of the bundles present on the sender number will be compared to the expiry date for the bundles present on the receiving number then the longest expiry date will automatically be picked.

10. What would be the possible causes of an internet bundle Share Data request not going through?

The amount requested for could be out of the range of between 10MB and 900MB. The receiving line could be inactive insufficient internet bundles on the sending line.

11. What happens if I Shared Data with a wrong number?

Reversal of Shared Mobile Data is NOT possible. Customer should confirm the mobile number before completing the request.


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