The WiMAX data bundle product is for new and existing prepaid broadband customers.

Existing prepaid customers who wish to change to the new way of provisioning need to visit our service center (preferably Telephone Business center) and explicitly request for the change upon which the WiMAX prepaid package will be attached to their broadband account. This prepares their broadband account to log into the recharge portal to start using the product.

The bundles have a validity period of 3O Days. Unused data volumes older than the validity period will be forfeited.

When using WiMAX, purchase of a new bundle before depleting or expiry of an existing bundle will overwrite the unused volume and the QOS settings to those of the newly purchased bundle.

When using ADSL, purchase of a new bundle before depleting or expiry of an existing bundle will top-up the existing bundle (that is summing up your unused volume with the newly purchased volume to provide new volume), new expiry date, and the QOS settings of the newly purchased bundle.

On bundle expiry or depletion, the system will send an SMS notification to the mobile number inserted into the Notification Number field in Account Details in the broadband account profile. If no mobile number is specified in the Notification Number field of the customer’s broadband profile, then no SMS notification will be received by the customer.

To start using the new product Click here and use your broadband credentials (WiMAX/ADSL username and password) to log into your profile to recharge your account and purchase bundles. You can obtain these credentials from any UTCL service center.


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