This is a private communication connection for a particular client, and the connection is not shared with any other customerOther names for a Leased Line are:

  • Private Wire
  • Dedicated Circuit
  • Leased Circuit.

Characteristics of a Leased Line

  • Non-metered service
  • Flat-rate billing
  • ALWAYS ON Connection (24x7x365)
  • Can be provided over any medium: copper pairs, wireless links, optic fibre, satellite.
  • Can be Point-to-point or Point-to-Multipoint (Frame Relay)
  • Network Management to maintain high service availability.

Components of a Leased Line

  • A twisted copper pair- provides the physical access medium
  • A Data Termination Unit- delivers the data reliably and transparently to customer’s location
  • An ADSL Modem- delivers the data across the ADSL Network
  • A Router- translates the data received into IP packets understood by a customer’s computer LAN.
  • An E1 Modem in some Places were they are getting high amount of Bandwidth.
  • An ADM in some places for connection over Optical Fiber Cable
  • An Ethernet Switch to connect via NGN

Applications supported by leased lines

  • Data transfer
  • Internet/E-mail
  • Voice over IP
  • Video signal transfer
  • Audio signal transfer
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