Telesaver Plus / CDMA

This is a dial-up type of internet connection, which is wireless in nature. The client just needs to have the CDMA set (Tele-saver plus) which is a wireless set that has an inbuilt modem. You may realize that some few customers use a FAX TERMINAL which also uses CDMA service.

Note: Uganda telecom no longer supplies new CDMA internet services, and we are just managing the existing customer base for  this service, however if a client manages to get own CDMA set, then at the service center, we can create the client an account.


  • CDMA set(Telesaver plus) +driver CD +cables
  • Registered account (@utl)


  •     CDMA Set  65,000/= Not data enabled.

Accessing the Internet on a Telesaver Plus line(cdma)
For dialing and accessing the Internet, configure the computer with the software, attach your computer with a serial/usb cable.

  • Dial 777 in the login prompt
  • Username
  • Password xxxxxx(as allocated)
  • Click connect
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