This is  a type of dial-up account where a client gets only one e-mail account whose size is restricted to 10Mb.

Example:   nbc-kble


  • Landline  with credit
  • Dial-up modem
  • Registered account

Costs of E-mail only:

  • Set-up or installation =   $30 (Mkt Dollar rate)
  • Fixed Line  =   120,000/-
  • Subscription  =    $10 (Mkt Dollar rate)

Note: This is how an e-mail only client is charged while dialing up a connection PER MINUTE:

  • For commercial (130/-  both peak and off peak), other PROFILES (125/- during Peak, 105/- during off peak time.)

Dial-in numbers for E-mail only:

  • Prepaid Line (NO PIN):  9510491000
  • Prepaid Line (+PIN):  9510491000,,,,,,,PIN#
  • Postpaid Line:  0491000
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