Free in the sense that there is NO SUBSCRIPTION required.

With Uganda Telecom’s landline, you are able to surf the Internet without having to subscribe to any Internet service provider thus widening your choice of accessing the Internet.


  • Modem (Internal or  External)
  • PCMCIA card(laptops)
  • Classic landline, ISDN, Telesaver, Mobile
  • Computer or laptop
  • Need to have  credit on the Line:

Charges in Free-net per minute

  • Commercial Line: 170/- (both peak+ off peak)
  • other profiles:  160/- (both peak + off peak)

The dial-in numbers for free-net:

  • Prepaid Line (NO PIN):   95104001000
  • Prepaid Line ( + PIN):   95104001000,,,,,,,PIN#
  • Postpaid Line:  04001000

NOTE: in the second bullet, they are 7 commas.

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