There are 3 platforms over which UTL clients can get hot spot services

  1. SMS platform 166 (Flat rate Offer)

This is where a client comes in contract with UTL to generate hot spot pins for his/her royal clients.[It is requested for by clients with businesses, meeting joints that command high turn over for people surfing.]

  • Post paid requirements apply
  • Vetting processes done by UTL to establish high turn over for people who surf at premise. This is Key for UTL to lease WIFI hot spot access point to a clients premise.
  • monthly subscription of 140000/=
  • UTL registers a UTL mobile number which a client then uses to requesting for pins.

Getting a 24 hr pin  —- Messages types UTHS sends 166
1hr pin ——————–Messages types UT1 sends to 166
2hr pin———————Messages types UT2 sends to 166 etc..

2. SMS Platform to 167

Any client who has a UTL line can send requests on this SMS platform
-6hr pin ——— Messages types UTHS6 sends to 167 costing 10000/=
-3hr pin———Messages types UTHS3 sends to 167 costing 5000/=
-1hr pin———Messages types UTHS1 sends to 167 costing 2000/=

  • The messages sent are case sensitive.
  • Client receives a message on their phone with pin that has letters and numbers in upper and lower case.
  • Client uses the pin to log in the hot spot main page that displays when he/she enables his/her machine to pick wireless signal.
  • It’s advisable that a client uses a pin with in 48 hrs.
  • In case of any issues like failure to get pin, pin not working log tt, contact
  • Dispatch on ext 570/544 or send mail. Dispatch handles and for severe cases they contact systems Admin.

3. SMS Platform to 168 (Jazz platform).

Here client who has their line on Jazz profile sends SMS request to 168 and gets a pin to surf at Nana Hot spot site.


  • Messages— types JAZZ sends to 168. Charged 800/= and he/she receives a pin for 1hr surf time.
  • Turns on his WIFI say on his/her laptop.
  • She/he will access  the main hot spot page and if it’s the first time to use this platform to surf for the particular line the client used to request for the pin;
  • He/she will get a prompt tab to register requiring the following details:

-Number-phone number———–

-Pin got…………………


  • The next time the client requests for a pin, the system sends him the same pin he/she had received the first time when it isd reloaded with 1hr surf time.
  • Client must be advised that the pin should be used before mid night of the day he/she got the pin.

Note: For any problems with reception and usage of pin contact Dispatch and they normally follow up with systems admin to sort the problem.

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