Cost Track
Predetermine your credit limit, and have more control of your airtime expenditure. When you near your limit you will be notified by SMS. You will also be notified once you reach the limit you have set. Eventually if you choose to take no action you will be notified that your outbound calls have been barred until you clear your bill.

postpaid customers can check their statement on line at our website or by sending an SMS to 150. Simply type MBILL for your mobile bill then SMS to 150.

This service is a free option for all uganda telecom postpaid customers

Closed User Group
A Closed User Group (CUG) is an independent network that is shared or used for a private purpose. The term ‘closed user group’ is also used to define a private network.

· Calls made within CUG are at a reduced rate
· Faster communication

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