Roaming allows you to use your SIM card on another network when you travel. With your SIM, you can log onto any foreign network with which UTCL has a roaming agreement.

NOTE: The roaming facility is automatic for Prepaid customers but Postpaid customers need to apply for the service. It is also advisable to have enough credit on the phone when roaming.

Roaming Outgoing


  • Calls within in East Africa can be made at the normal rate
  • International dialing format has to be applied when calling back home (Uganda) and other international destinations e.g. +256 71XXXXXXX
  • National dialing format can be used when calling a local number in the country you are roaming in e.g. when roaming in Kenya you can call a Safaricom number as 072XXXXXXX instead of the international format of +25472XXXXXXX

Roaming Incoming


  • Receiving incoming calls from within East Africa is free of charge
  • Receiving SMS is also free of charge
  • Calls from other countries are charged as an international call

International Data Roaming


We have started Data/GPRS roaming to some countries which will also provide Data roaming for BlackBerry customers.

We are in the process of signing data roaming agreements with other network operators.

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