1Now that airtime scratch cards are no more, how will I be able to get airtime?
- Msente Self-care- by dialing *185# & select buy airtime (Option 2)
- UTL Service Centers country wide
- UTL E-Top-Up Agent points country wide
- Pay Way Vending Machines and Agents
- Ezee Money and Pebuu Agents
2How do I pay OTT tax with Uganda Telecom?
We are not paying OTT tax as of now; you will be updated when the code is activated
3When do you plan to upgrade your mobile internet?
The process is ongoing and we shall update you soon
4Can I borrow airtime with Uganda Telecom?
Yes, with our Topowa service you can borrow airtime from as low as 500/= to 2000/= by simply dialing *146# ok
5I always get unsolicited messages on my phone that I don’t request for and they consume my airtime, how do I get rid of them?
Dial *196# to block the unsolicited messages or call our help line 100 for assistance
6Can I get a loan using Msente?
Unfortunately, you cannot get a loan on M-sente however you can enjoy a variety of other services by dialing *185#
7What do I need to have in order to register my SIM CARD?
- Ugandan/National - physically appear in person with a National identification card
- Non-Ugandans - physically appear in person original passport with a valid visa or resident permit
- Refugees - physically appear in person with a Refugee letter/ID from OPM
- Corporate bodies/organizations
MOA first and last page
Acknowledgment letter - Formal request letter on headed paper
Certificate of registration/incorporation
Director National ID if Ugandan, or Passport for Foreigner
8I lost my simcard and I would need to replace it, what does it take?
Physical appearance at the service center with a Police letter and a national ID
9I want a landline in my office, how would you help?
For wired landlines, we shall first have to visit your premises for a brief site survey and then recommend the best service to suit your need however for the wireless landline we have GSM fixed and CDMA sets that can be purchased at our service centers
10On what transitions does the 1% mobile money tax apply?
- Receipt transactions
- Withdrawals
- Payments
11How do I get a postpaid mobile line?
- 2 Passport size photos
- Photocopy of a National ID
- Bank statement or bank recommendation
- Previous Invoices -Telephone, Water & Electricity
- Tenancy agreement /stamped or recommendation letter from LC
- Fill a postpaid request form
12I want to become an M-sente Agent, what do I need to have?
- Trading License (Certificate of incorporation)
- 1 passport photograph
- Photocopy of the National ID
- Fill Agent form
- The initial capital of not less than 200,000/=
13What internet services do you offer and what are some of the speeds you have?
- We have both Wireless and wired connections
- Wireless - Nono Technolgy, Wimax, and Cumbium
- Wired - ADSL
- We can offer speeds depending on your request and need
14How do I check for my number?
Dial #999# ok
15What landline types do you have on sale and how much do they cost?
We have two wireless landlines currently on sale, the GSM Fixed set at 125,000 and ACDMA that goes for 130,000/=
16Where can i buy a UTL sim cards?
At any of our service centers across the country, at a cost of 1000/=
17Can I get MiFi with Uganda Telecom?
Apparently we don’t have MiFi but for now you can enjoy a variety of UTL internet options available
18Can I move with my UTL line abroad?
Yes, with our roaming service you can stay connected with your UTL line beyond boarders for both Pre-paid and postpaid lines.