Frequently Asked Questions

QN:        How does the instant connection with Telesaver Plus work?

ANS:      Simply plug your handset into a socket. Make sure the ON/OFF switch is set to ON. Wait a few seconds until you see the time and network signal are on. Now you are ready to talk

QN:        What is the pricing of the Telesaver Plus handset?

ANS:      The Telesaver Plus Set costs 170,000/=. Other supporting equipment costs as follows:

–        Outdoor Antenna:           50,000/=

–        Indoor Antenna:              15,000/=

–        Battery:                                20,000/=

–        PC serial cable:                  10,000/=

QN:        Where does one take their faulty phone for repair?

ANS:      Phones can be repaired at any UTCL X-tel outlet countrywide.

QN:        What does one do if they want to transfer their Telesaver Plus from one district to another?

ANS:      Go to service center and pay 10,000 for reprogramming.

QN:        Does one retain his number after the transfer?

ANS:      Only if it is still available.

QN:        Is it possible to place a call without having to dial 951 all the time?

ANS:      Yes it is. Simply go to menu> select settings> select common> select IP> select auto. You should now be able to dial the number direct without 951.

QN:        Where I can buy my Telesaver Plus handset or top up card?

ANS:      You can find these at any of our service centers countrywide such as:

  • Rwenzori Courts Service Centre
  • Shoprite – near the old taxi-park
  • Game Service Centre
  • General Post Office
  • Garden City Service Centre
  • UTCL dealer shops countrywide such as. X-tel and Tele-choice
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