• This is a (Facsimile) machine that can send or receive pictures & text over a telephone line.
  • It’s a  Tele copying device that electronically transmits written or graphic material over telephone lines to produce “hard copy” at the other end.
  •  The Fax digitizes an image by dividing it into a grid of notes (bit map) which can be transmitted like normal computer data.

Main Features of a Fax Machine

  • Scanner – For digitizing images on paper.
  • Printer – For printing the fax messages.
  •  Copier – For duplicating messages
  •  Paper  – Providing a printing relay
  • Paper Feeder & Cutter – For feeding & cutting paper respectively.
  •  Auto-dialing – to send document at future date (when rates are down)

How To Get The Service

  • You must have the Uganda telecom line either classic landline or telesaver (prepaid) or a CDMA  terminal
  •  For an existing line, you pay 30,000 for fax configuration.
  • For the new connections- landline  you pay 120,000 (without the equipment)

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Sending a Fax Message

  1. Make sure fax machine and telephone are well set
  2. Write/copy message on right paper  size
  3. Connect/enter paper into Feeder
  4. Enter destination number
  5. Wait for creaking sound/fax tone (fax Handshake)
  6. Wait for confirmation message
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