• Turn on the Telesaver plus and wait a few seconds until indications such as time and signal appear.
  •  Adjust antennae to ensure fine signal strength.
  • start using the phone

Boosting signal in Telesaver Plus

  • In an area that signals can be transmitted and received with good quality, you can install an indoor antenna.
  • In areas that signals are weak, an outdoor antenna is required.

Making a call with Telesaver plus.

  • Pick up the handset or press the hands free key
  •  Dial the Telesaver access codes after hearing the dial tone.
  • When you have a PIN code dial 951 and the destination numberand wait for the voice prompt.
  • Dial the PIN code (at least 4 digits) and then press hash (#).
  • When you have no PIN code dial 951 and the destination number.
  • Press the call/redial ( blue button) to call the number immediately.

Top up Airtime

Airtime Cards


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