1.  <IU-USE> indicator Red indicator means the handset of Telesaver Plus is picked up or Telesaver Plus is in hand-free state.
  2.  <DIALLED NUMBERS> key Pressing this key continuously, you can query dialed telephone numbers as well as the corresponding duration.
  3. <RECEIVED CALLS> keys <RECEIVED CALLS> keys include left and right keys, also named left-right direction keys. Continuously pressing either key, you can query received telephone numbers as well as the corresponding received time. These two keys can also tune the volume for earphone or hands free during the conversation.
  4. <SET/STORE> key Using this key, you can set and store such functions as speed dial.
  5. <CANCEL> key This key is used to delete the current input or inquired information.
  6. <END> key Pressing this key during conversation, you can end the call, which is equal to the hang-up operation. In the event of receiving a call, press this key to stop the ringing and hang up the call. Moreover, it can also be used to end the current menu operation.
  7. <CALL/REDIAL> key When Telesaver Plus is in stand-by state, if no telephone number is displayed on the screen, pressing <CALL/REDIAL> key, you can view the last dialed number and Telesaver Plus will  automatically recall the number; if there is a number displayed on the screen, Telesaver Plus will automatically call back the number after you press the key.
  8. <HANDFREE> key Pressing this key, you can directly answer a call or hear the dialing tone, which means you can make a call, with no need to pick up the handset.
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