UTL launches Msente partnership with PayWay
June 21, 2017
UTL launches Hackathon-USD 3,500 Grand Prize
August 24, 2017

You can now make FREE night calls to all your UTL contacts. Simply load airtime worth UGX 500 or more to enjoy this offer.

 Break the silence and make calls every night to all your friends, family and loved ones. We mean, when you have FREE calls, what’s there to do but talk! So let’s get talking!


Which profile are guaranteed to enjoy these free calls ? This is active on all profiles except Bonga forever, CMB, CUG’s and endobo off-net.

 Are the free calls valid for both on-net and off-net calls ?  No the free calls are valid for only UTL mobile and landline numbers

What loading procedures do I have to use in- order to enjoy the free calls ?  The free calls can be got, if customers loads airtime through loading using scratch cards, M-sente, Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD ) excluding Flexi share.

What will be the cost of SMS’s during this time band ?  SMS charges will remain the same at 99shs.

What will be the charge for off- net calls  with this ? Call charges will stay the same to off- net numbers and also to on- net numbers if not within the time bands for the promo. The call rates depend on profile the customer is on. Off-net calls will be billed on the main account.

Will  a customer who loads airtime between 9pm to 6am enjoy the free calls as well.  ? No loading should be from 6:01am to 8:59pm

What happens after 6am, ? the customer will go back to their default profile they were on before loading.

Can the free calls be shared ? The free calls cannot be shared.

What is the procedure for subscription ? The Promotion does not require any subscription but rather loading to enable this on the line.

How long is the promotion ? The promotion runs for 90 days.


*Terms & Conditions Apply




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