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What is U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance?

It is an insurance product that protects you if you break a bone.

Ugandans are at risk every day! From road accidents to workplace dangers to simple trips and falls, thousands of Ugandans experience costly injuries that can hinder them from working and earning an income.

This product is designed to protect you from such unfortunate dangers.

How much does U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance cost?

U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance is FREE to certain UTL customers, depending on how much airtime a customer spends each month.

How do I qualify for FREE U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance?

First, you must complete a one-time registration by sending an SMS with your full name to 185. After that, you will automatically have cover if you meet the qualifying criteria below.

If you are a UTL customer, you qualify by spending at least 5000 UGX each month worth of UTL airtime. So, for example, if you spend 5000 UGX in January, you will receive free broken bone insurance in February. You must continue to spend 5000 UGX each month to receive coverage for the following month.

You can double your U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance cover by also conducting at least one M-Sente transaction per month.

How much does U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance pay if I break a bone?

U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance will pay you a fixed amount of 200,000 UGX per incident that causes broken bone(s). If you’ve qualified for double cover, your benefit increases to 400,000 UGX per incident that causes broken bone(s). The benefit is not related to any of your costs of medical care.

When does my cover start?

Your cover will start immediately when you register for insurance provided you have qualified for cover based on your previous months’ UTL activity. Each subsequent month the coverage runs from the first day of the calendar month through the last day of the calendar month.

If I break more than one bone, do I get more than one payout?

No, you only receive one payout per incident. For example, if you have a motor accident and break both arms, you will only receive one payout.

You are covered for a maximum of 2 incidents within a 12-month period.

Do I have to break my bone in an accident?

You are covered however you break your bone.

Which bones are covered?

Any bone is covered, as long as you can prove with an x-ray that it is broken. A “broken bone” means any bone that is fractured, whether it’s classified as a complete, incomplete, compound, or simple fracture.

Does U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance cover the costs of seeing a doctor and getting an x-ray?

No, this insurance product does not cover the cost of medical care or reimburse you for any medical expenses. It pays a fixed amount (either 200,000 UGX or 400,000 UGX) into your M-Sente wallet. This cash benefit can be used however you would like; perhaps to help offset some medical costs or to replace some income lost while you were injured and unable to work.

Are there any restrictions?

You must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age for U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance.

Does U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance cover other family members?

No. Cover is only for you, the registered UTL subscriber.

How long is my cover for?

Your cover is valid for one calendar month. If you want to extend your cover to the next month, you must meet the criteria again in the current month (spending 5000 UGX or more). This product is a UTL promotion and may be discontinued in the future, with at least one month’s notice given to customers.

What happens if I break a bone?

First, seek appropriate medical care. Your doctor can advise you on whether you’ve broken a bone, and will likely send you to get an X-ray. Once you’ve had an X-ray and confirmed your bone is broken, call the UTL hotline (Dial 100) and ask to file an insurance claim. They will give you all the information you need.

Which radiologists can I use to get an X-ray?

You can use any radiological facility licensed by the Government of Uganda for X-Rays.

How do I make a claim?

Call the UTL hotline (Dial 100) to submit your claim. They will give you details on next steps. You will need to have an X-ray with your name on it showing the broken bone and a report from a radiologist stating which bone(s) is/are broken. Claims must be submitted within 90 days from the incident that resulted in a broken bone.

How will my claim be paid to me?

If your claim is approved, your benefit will be paid into your M-Sente wallet, where you can use it to transact or turn it into cash at an M-Sente agent location. If you are not yet an M-Sente customer, the claims agent will help you to set up an account.

We aim to pay claims in 72 hours or less once all the required information is submitted.

Is UTL an insurance company?

No, your U-Insured Broken Bone Insurance product is insured through Britam Insurance Company of Uganda.

Are there any other conditions?

This policy only applies within the Republic of Uganda. Only one policy can be active per mobile number.

Where do I get more information?

Dial 100 to speak to a Call Centre Agent. Likewise, you can send any comments or complaints to


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