1Where I do access M-sente services?
To access M sente service visit our M sente agents, Bank partners, UTL service centers, PayWay & Pebuu retailers across the country these are able to serve you better.
2Which Banks do M-sente transactions?
UTL partnered with Equity Bank, KCB Bank, Finance Trust Bank, and Pride Micro Finance Bank these will serve you anytime to knock at their door.
3How do I access my M-sente menu?
Once you are registered on M sente you can access the Menu through USSD and Mobile Application for customers and agents.

M sente USSD code *185# yes.
Mobile Application link; Go to google play download Msente App.
4How do I register for M-sente?
Registration for M sente is free of charge and done at our M sente agents, and UTL service centers countrywide and requires the following.

National ID for Ugandans.
Passport for foreigners.
Refugee ID for refugees.
Certificate of Incorporation for companies.
5How do I get my M-sente PIN.?
Once you are registered the system sends you a welcome message with a default PIN. You are advised to change from default 4321 to a four-digit PIN of your choice through My account & Change pin options in the Menu.
6What do I do if I don’t get a message with default PIN after registration?
The M sente default PIN is a standard 4321 even if you don’t get a message you are able to change the pin as long as it's not beyond 24 hours after registration.
7What if I forget my M-sente?
If you forget your  Msente PIN  call our toll free on 100 for advice or visit any of our service centers with any of the following documents to have it reset.

National ID for Ugandans.
Passport for foreigners.
Refugee ID for refugees.
8I had that M-sente is multilingual. Does this help me?
Yes, Msente has a multilingual function which offers customers an opportunity to transact in 5 different languages i.e Luganda, English, Runyakjitara, Luo and Swahili.
9How do I change language on the M-sente system and what is the charge?
Good question, changing from one language to another is free of charge and done through the change Language menu option.
10Can I pay School fees through the M-sente platform?
Yes M sente also offers school fees payment service and there are two ways of paying school fees through M sente
  1) School pay,
2) Flexi pay.
11Can I pay school fees to any school?
No. You can only pay fees to schools that have enrolled for School pay or Flexi pay programs.
12How do I know that a school has enrolled for school pay or flexi pay?
You can get information from the school pay or flexi pay website and or by inquiring from the school itself.
13What do I need in order to pay fees via M-sente?
Before you start paying school fees via M sente you need to have either a student’s payment code or School code and student  Number.
14Where I do get the student’s Number for my child?
To get the students number, contact the school bursar for assistance.
15What services can I get on M-sente?
The M sente platform provides subscribers with sending money, withdraw money, buy airtime & voice bundles, pay bills, payments, and financial services.