UTCL/ M-sente-Pay Way Partnership

What is the partnership between UTCL/ M-sente and Pay Way all about?

UTCL has partnered with Pay way for provision of M-sente services. This partnership has increased the distribution & accessibility of M-sente services through pay way retail outlets across the country.

What M-sente services can a customer access at a Pay Way agent / out let?

M-sente customers can access two types of transactions as stated below;

  • M -sente withdraws (only registered customers).
  • M -sente Deposits.

How can a customer transact at a Pay Way agent / out let?

All transactions are initiated by a Pay way agent;

How to deposit.

Avail the Pay Way agent with physical cash and your Mobile Phone number, they will in turn load your M-sente account with equivalent M-sente money.

How to withdraw;

Inform the Pay way agent of your UTCL number and how much money you want to withdraw, upon initiation you will receive a message “ A withdraw request was sent to you from Pay Way agent 071xxxxxxxx, amount UGX 20,000 Please Approve or decline this request” . Once you receive the request message take the steps blow to complete the transaction.

  • Dial *185# yes to evoke the menu.
  • Select option 3 – withdraw money.
  • Select option 3 – Pay way cash out.
  • Select the option for the pending transaction.
  • Select 1 to confirm.
  • Enter your M-sente PIN (4 digits)
  • You will receive confirmation message and the agent will give you cash.

What are the charges when I transact with Pay Way agent?

Normal transaction charges as indicated on the M-sente tariff poster apply unless for specific CUG accounts.

Whom do you contact in case you get a problem during transactions with Pay Way agent?

For any challenges faced kindly contact our help line on 100 OR check us out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UgandaTelecom.Ug/ or follow us @Uganda_Telecom.

How to locate a Pay Way retail / Agent?

All Pay Way retail out lets across the country are branded with a Pay Way signage. However you can also contact our held line on 100 for direction.

What other UTCL services can you access at Pay Way retail out lets?

Apart from M sente services, you can also buy UTL air time, data bundles as well as UTCL postpaid bill payments.





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