When subscribers (both registered and non-registered) need to convert their evalue into cash, they will come to M-sente agent. The agent will process withdrawals for registered users differently from withdrawals of non-registered.

A registered subscriber will be required to present ;

  •  Valid identification.
  •  A mobile phone.
  • Know their Msente Pin


A non-registered subscriber, on the other hand , will need to:

  • Have the correct details regarding Secret code, Amount and the Sender mobile number, transaction ID.
  • The Secret /Transfer code (any 6 digits) is read to the agent which the customer gets from the sender . The receiver requires this code when requesting a withdrawal from Msente agent.


For all registered subscribers who wish to withdraw money from their account will go to any Msente agent.  The registered User will need to

The registered Subscriber will dial *185# 

  • Select option 5 to withdraw money.

§  Select option 1 to withdrawal from an Agent

  • Enter  the M-Sente Agents’ mobile number,(ask the agent to displayed the number)
  • Enter the amount that they wish to withdraw.
  • Select option 1 to confirm
  • Enter their account PIN (4 digits).
  • Transaction completed.

Note:  Both subscriber and Agent will receive a confirmation SMS message of the transaction: electronic value transfer to agent and instructions to Agent to avail cash to subscriber.





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