• This is a category of internet services, which provide huge data rates. Bandwidth can go to as high as 2Mb per second.
  • With this type of connection, a client can connect more computers that broadband connections cannot sustain, and also, high end users like banks, hotels, parastatals can be advised to take on this service
  • With dedicated services, clients are given guarantee of their bandwidth usage and given customize their upload and download speeds.
  • This service is sub divided into the following packages:
    • Dedicated broadband (@ut4):
    • Leased Linesion
    • E1’s
    • Wireless Radio
    • ASYCUDAs

      Select any of the options to view details of available packages. For E1s, please refer to high speed landlines for details


  • Its Dedicated Internet Bandwidth provided with Committed Rates up and down.
  • Service Level Agreement is provided
  • Provided over Fiber, Leased lines, ADSL and Wireless connection.
  • Router is Provide
  • Always on Connection
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