• The E-carrier system enables the transmission of several (multiplexed) voice/data channels simultaneously on the same transmission facility.
  • The E1 has an overall bandwidth of 2048kbps (kilobits per second) and provides 32 or 30 channels @ supporting data rate of 64kbps.
  • E1s are mainly used to offer internet/data and voice.
  • They are used to connect between the PABX(Private Automatic Branch Exchange) and CO(central office) or main exchange
  • They are used highly in telephone exchanges like call centers, Airports, Hotels, Banks where high call traffic is required.
  • E1s are pretty like leased lines but the advantage that an E1 holds over a leased line is that it can carry more channels say 30 channels and this is why companies prefer them to leased lines. E.g. fixed line 417711800 is an E1 line for OLAM(U)1
  • Some companies subscribe for either voice or data or both voice and data on their E1. UTL as the ISP configures service to handle customers’ requirements.
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