1How do I connect to Freenet?
Connect modem to computer (refer to installation manual)
Connect modem to Landline
User name : freenet
Password  : freenet
Number: 04001000
2What are the connection costs?
No connection fees
3Accessing Freenet on a classic  or ISDN Landline
For dialing and accessing freenet, configure the connection the following way:

Dial 0400 - 1000 in the login prompt
- Username freenet
- Password freenet
- Click connect
4Accessing Freenet on a Telesaver-line
For dialing and accessing  freenet , configure the connection the following way

Without a PIN dial 95104001000#
When you have a PIN dial 95104001000,,,,,,,1234#
Username: freenet
Password: freenet
Click connect
5What are the Charges for Freenet?
The standard local call is:

125/= per minute on the classic landline (excl VAT)
155/= per minute on Telesaver (Incl VAT)
The tariffs are valid 24 hours a day , seven days a week countrywide.