What is a Hotspot?

A specific geographic location, in which an access point provides public, wireless broadband network services to mobile visitors through a WLAN.

Location such as :-

• Airport
• Cafes
• Conventions centers
• Hotels, Hospital
Basic Services include:
  • Internet Access
  • Web based Mail Access
  • Corporate Intranet Access (VPN)

Benefits of Hotspot Service

  • IT is FAST – you can connect to the Internet or your corporate intranet at fast speeds.
  • It is RELIABLE – Get the same high quality service in every location, giving you the peace of mind that no matter where you go, you can always get in touch with your mail.
  • CONVENIENT – There are no busy signals, best of all, no waiting. Connect easily, wirelessly, instantly. We have also ensured that we place our hotspot zones in convenient everyday used location

Requirements for one to have a HotspotAccessibility:

A user of this service should be with in a range of 100-200m from a hot spot access point.

Requirements for UTL Hotspot

  • Computer, PDA (personal Digital Assistant), compatible phone or any device with Wireless capability that is to say WIFI enabled.
  • Phone with UTL simcard to send request for hotspot pin.
  • Proximity, with in 100m from any hot spot site of UTL.
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