PRI Lines

This super high speed landline offers  all the benefits of the 2 channel version but with a full 30 channels at the same time.

Features and benefits

  • Surf the web and make a phone calls at the same time
  • Fully digital lines and therefore fully secure
  • Connections to the internet build up in a few seconds
  • Internet speeds up to thirty times faster than the Classic landline (64*30 = 2Mbps)
  • Fast connections to corporate network
  • Comes with one telephone number but can accommodate many extensions.
  • Available with UTCL(333xxx), URA(334xxx), E.C. (335xxx)

Value added services

  • Receive caller ID on your telephone set
  • Call forwarding to another landline or mobile
  • Teleconferencing
  • DID (Direct inward dialling)
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