Q: What is the law requiring SIM card registration?

A: The enabling law is The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act 2010 which provides

for registration of existing SIM cards.

Q: When must I register?
A: With effect from 1st March 2012 onwards, all new and existing mobile phone numbers will have

to be registered to be activated on a mobile network in Uganda. The cutoff date or deadline for SIM

card registration for existing mobile subscribers is 1st March 2013.

Q: What is SIM card Registration?

A: The ACRONYM “SIM” means Subscriber Identity Module.
SIM card registration is the process of recording and verifying mobile phone number/s and

personal information of a subscriber, by a communications service provider. Such information

includes the subscriber’s photograph, name, and date of birth, gender, address (postal and/or

physical address), email address, if available, and details of valid identification documents of the

subscriber. The process involves getting both new and existing phone subscribers to consensually

provide their identification details to the network operators.


Download the full FAQs pdf from UCC here

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