Uganda Telecom rewards crime whistle blower with shs1m
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May 21, 2012
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KAMPALA. July 23, 2014– Uganda Telecom has rewarded a sum of one million Shillings to Rashid Aiko, a private security guard for saving the telecom’s fibre cable from being vandalized by a group of unidentified criminals.

While addressing the press, Jackie Kihuguru, Head of Customer Operations Uganda Telecom said that Aiko’s reward is in line with Uganda telecom’s whistle blower initiative that was launched three months back.

“We are impressed that people are now vigilant enough to track down vandalism. We are eternally grateful to Mr. Aiko for the strong sense of responsibility he has shown in the fight against this vice,” she said.

“We launched this initiative in May 2014 with the aim of curbing vices such as theft, fraud, vandalism and tampering with Uganda Telecom’s equipment like poles, fibre cables, copper wires and cabinets,” Kihuguru added.”

Aiko thanked Uganda Telecom for recognizing his efforts and putting their customers first to ensure that they get the best service.

“I am really humbled by this gesture from Uganda Telecom and I promise to continue giving my support to the company. I would like to call upon all my fellow responsible citizens to join in this fight against such vices that cost us a lot of money in terms of service delivery,” Aiko said.

“Our goal at Uganda Telecom is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and we can only achieve this with your help. We are therefore calling upon our esteemed customers and all members of the general public to report any cases of theft or vandalism of any telephone equipment or cables by calling our toll free hot line on 0800 160 000, ”she said.

All calls made to this hotline are free of charge and completely confidential and all good leads will be rewarded with up to Shs 1, 000,000.

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